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Aluminium Carpentry

We are a company with more than 20 years of experience, devoted to the manufacture and placing of all type of metallic carpentry.


We offer the maximum quality and the best advice.


We work with the best distributors of systems of aluminium and accessories.


We offer the most aesthetic solution with the most advanced technology in security.


We have of the most adjusted relation quality-price of the market, so much to individuals as to companies.

Doors & Windows

We manufacture first-quality doors and windows, aiming at cold and noise insulation as well as offering maximum security without compromising its design and comfort.


We provide two types of carpentry:

Thermal bridge carpentry – It provides maximum insulation since this system prevents contact between the outside and the inside of the carpentry, thus providing a remarkable saving of energy.


Standard Carpentry – We work with the best providers, providing a great sealing of windows at a lower price.

Types of Enclosures


There are a variety of models of enclosures, our technicians will advise you about them, according to the desired space or design.



                   We install shutters of thermal lama injected with polyurethane foam to protect from heat, cold and the noise from outside. We also have a range of options in high security.

                               We have all kinds of roller shutters, either in iron or aluminium, providing strong security as well as attractive designs and if you wish, microperforated shutters so you can see inside.

                            We automate all types of doors and shutters, with remote controls or buttons, always offering maximum comfort and safety.

                            We are manufacturers of shutters of all types, and we can adapt perfectly to your needs. Our technicians will advise you about the model of opening that suits you best, whether they are mobile or fixed slats.

You can find different makes on our provider's webpage.


We have a wide range of awnings and pergolas to suit all needs, tastes and styles. We have all the fabrics available in the market and all the RAL colours, so you can choose the one that best suits you, always offering the highest quality and sunscreen.

Balconies & Terraces

There are awnings with invisible arms, chests and a wide range of options, combining excellent technical quality with absolutely unobtrusive aesthetics.


A useful product for small measurements. Its chain operating system provides multiple opening possibilities: total or partial opening. Combined with technical fabrics SOLTIS or SCREEN, it regulates the entry of light inside as needed, without losing the feeling of spaciousness that these fabrics provide.

Sliding Panels & Conservatories

They allow to create unique spaces, with simple, resistant and versatile structures. In addition to the possibility of choosing between different ranges of fabrics and colours. You can enjoy the outdoor free moments of leisure with a pleasant feeling of well-being.

You can find different makes on our provider's webpage.

Iron & Stainless Steal

Metallic locksmithery

We have been in the metallic carpentry business for over 20 years, manufacturing all kinds of projects in iron and stainless steel for individuals and companies.


We manufacture all sorts of vertical grilles, creating your own choice in design and colour.


We create all types of railings, from wrought iron to stainless steel, giving the option of combining it with glass.


We manufacture metal doors, offering the best value for money. All models in the market available, as well as its corresponding engine.



We have the qualified staff to make all kinds of light or heavy structures.

Bath Screens

Glass Screens


A wide range of shower enclosures is available, with a variety of brands and models, always making sure to meet your expectations and needs.


Modernity and elegance is what distinguishes these shower enclosures from the others, combined with stainless steel and a variety of models of crystals. They provide a great feeling of space without sacrificing tightness.

Acrylic Plate Screens


A wide range of shower enclosures is available, with a variety of brands and models, always making sure to meet your expectations and needs.


They are a more economical choice of shower enclosures, being just as efficient in terms of tightness. They are composed of aluminium profiles and acrylic plates with different designs. There are various models to suit all needs.

You can find different makes on our provider's webpage.

Mosquito Nets

 Mosquito nets are an indispensable complement to your doors and windows, providing total protection against insects.

All our nets are made with very resistant mesh made from fibreglass which allows them to be cleaned without risk of breakage.


We have several types of mosquito nets and various colours to suit all your needs.


Roller mosquito nets are the most common because of its versatility, its unique design makes when collecting only comes into view. It can be placed vertically or horizontally.


Sliding screens are designed to slide by the same framework of the slide and they are very easy to remove if you prefer to take them down during winter.


Practicable mosquito nets are ideal for doors, their automatic hinges ensure that the door is closed again.


Pleated nets are often used to cover large areas, it has great strength and durability. Its bottom rail is very small and the area is clear of obstacles.


The mosquito nets still have a simple and durable design, are often used in spaces where you do not have to access. It is the most economical option.

You can find different makes on our provider's webpage.

We are official distributors of Velux

Velux is the largest worldwide company manufacturing roof windows, offering a wide variety of models,  which are perfectly suited to every need.


Alum-Metall installs and distributes its own products.





We manufacture all kinds of glass, adapted to all kinds of designs. With a wide range of accessories to complement them.


Monolithic crystals are all flat glass panes, where we can find a great variety, which are: frosted (acid) , mirrors, silkscreened , printed , etc.


The composition of the double glazing comprises a glass, a camera and another glass to achieve high thermal and acoustic insulation, depending on their composition.


Considered safety glass, it consists of two panes and a laminated central screen which ensures that the glass will not fall in case of breakage.


Tempered glass provides high resistance. We use it  in doors: hinged, sliding, glass panels in bathrooms and decor.


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